Season Points

Oshkosh Friday Dirt Oval

Oshkosh Saturday Dirt Oval

Oshkosh Road Course

Oshkosh Carpet Oval

Appleton Friday Off Road

Appleton Sunday Off Road

How do points series work?

Each race day/series a driver gets points for their finish in the mains.  100 points for A main win, going down by a point for each finishing spot.  TQ for the day gets one extra point.

We typically run 12 weeks or better for a race series.  So I add points drops through the season so that drivers can miss a day or two (family should come first).  So drivers will see a total and then the total with the drops factored in (usually a missed day or your lowest points to date).

In addition, we give those who race the majority a 2 point bonus as a special offset.

Best option, miss as few as possible, always take the bump and run cleaner than the competition.



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