Classes / Rules

*Class rules subject to change depending upon what vehicles show up, visiting drivers, those in attendance for one race day may be given exception to any rule approved by the race director, more than one week rules are expected to be complied with or no points awarded

General Track Rules

Appleton Off Road Standard Rules

Oshkosh Carpet Oval Rules

Oshkosh Clay Oval Rules

Road Course, Saturdays

807 Oregon Street, Oshkosh, Wisconsin 54902 · Telephone: (920) 426-1840
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General Track Rules apply
HTO Mini
Tamiya Mini or other small chassis
21.5 brushless, ROAR, blinky mode
Mini body

New 6/26/16- Tamaya Semi Truck Spec Racing

Tamiya Team Hahn Racing MAN TGS (TT01E) 4WD Shaft Drive kit only
The intent is this is a box stock build. While bearing kit is optional (not required), NO other suspension changes from kit parts is allowed. There has been discussion of voting on oil filled shocks, but only after 4 season races (and that is a while off, and then would only be a vote among participants).

Bodies should be cut on body lines, no lowered or chopping the cab. All pieces shall be used (4 major body pieces). Some variance for trimming skills, lower than cut line side valance and front spoiler allowed (but not so low to hit carpet at any time during racing). Any other mods should be cleared with the race director before moving away from stock.

Box motor and pinion (19) must be used, and yes we can check that pretty easy.

2 cell lipo, 7.4V only allowed, chassis mod to allow rectangle or shorty packs is allowed.

Stock tires, NO INSERTS, the kit does not provide inserts so none shall be fashioned. Again, easy to check.

Highly suggested is to be creative with the body for paint and decaling, that’s where the fun is. Driver ability and a bit of luck will be the biggest variable if people abide by the rules. If you wish to push the envelope and not abide by the rules for this class, please pick one of the other class’s to run, this one is for the sportsman who wants to have some fun.

US VTA rules apply except no interior/driver needed for club racing, link added 9/9/16
Weight enforced

USVTA Class Rules

US GT rules apply that as published, link added 9/9/16
GT National Class Rules
1380 gram weight

Open at this time


1060 gram race weight

2 Cell Lipo (open Mah for club racing)

25.5 Hobbywing locked timing motor (mandatory)

Hobbywing ESC locked timing mandatory

Kit 98, 94, 90 Tooth spur only, pinion open

WRC Formula tires only

WRC Pro 1, Pro 2 or Pro 3 bodies only

Stock rear wing (kit) only, no mods or alternates

No cut outs on body except for rear bumper and tire openings

No outside manufacturer upgrades except for shock and springs

Visitors may be allowed deviations for club races with a grace period for compliance, inter-track races must be full compliance.

Sedan, 17.5

5mm ride height, 2 cell lipo, blinky mode, sedan body, 1380 gram min weight, rubber tire.


Other parameters may apply for sponsored races, check with store or race director.